The snow-sports trip for nomads by nomads.

Early 2023 - Applications will open towards the end of the year, join the mailing list below!

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What's the plan?

Get up early, and hit the slopes before the masses, then spend the afternoon getting your work done in a cosy chalet with other like-minded people.

Cosy Accommodation.

Together, we can afford some of the best accommodation in the Les 3 Vallées area.

Amazing Slopes.

With the largest linked ski area in the world, you're sure to find the perfect run, whatever your ability.

Work hard. Play hard.

By travelling with other digital nomads and remote workers, you can be assured that you'll be surrounded by people who take their work seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions.

While information is a little sparse right now, here's what we know so far


Anyone with an interest in snow-sports who can work remotely for at least two consecutive weeks.


A snow-sports trip designed for Digital Nomads and remote workers. We're working hard to ensure there's reliable internet, places to work and plenty of ski and snowboard options available.


At one of the three valleys (Les 3 Vallées) resorts, in France. Les 3 Vallées is the largest ski area in the world connected solely by ski lifts and slopes.


The 2020 season in the three valleys is January to April, we'd be aiming towards the end of the season.

Where will we stay?

Depending on the final numbers, we'll be in one or several chalets, self-catered, with 5-10 people in each. There will likely be a mix of shared and private rooms available.

How long will the trip last?

You can come for four-weeks or two-weeks.

How much will it cost?

The final costs can’t be locked down until we're secured a chalet with a deposit, but we're working towards:

  • Shared room - €550/week if you're saying for the full month, €650/week for two weeks
  • Private room - €750/week for the full month, and €850/week for two weeks

How do I book?

People who have registered interest will be receiving regular updates as the plan forms. For the latest, or to make a booking immediately, email .

What about lift passes, hire and transfers?

You'll be responsible for arranging your lift pass, equipment hire and transfers, though we'll hopefully be able to do a group purchase to reduce costs. Lift passes directly from Les 3 vallées cost €655 for two weeks, and €1336 per season.

Who's making money from this?

No-one. This trip is being run by Pez Cuckow (@Pezmc), under the name Nomads in the Snow. It is not for profit. Costs will be divided fairly among attendees, and any leftover money will be put aside for a future year, and/or refunded to attendees.

I have skills or advice to contribute!

That's not a question, but awesome! Email and I'll get back to you soon!

Let's work, and explore the slopes, together!

Apply to join or sign up for the mailing list and help shape the trip.